10 Ways To Build Trust With Your Team

“The glue that holds all relationships together – including the relationship between the leader and the led – is trust, and trust is based on integrity.” -Brian Tracy
As the leader, your employees must trust you!

Trust is Everything

Trust is the fabric that holds a company together. If people do not trust you, they will not trust your vision or strategies. You are doomed. If you lose your character and reputation, you will have lost everything.

Here are the top ten ways to create and maintain trust:

  1. Do what you say you will do. Let them count on you. Keep your promises.
  2. In good times and bad, be ethical, moral, trustworthy, and in possession of unquestioned integrity.
  3. Your words and actions must be in alignment. Walk the talk. Be a straight-shooter.
  4. Honesty is paramount.
  5. You must lead by example.
  6. Be an authentic person. What people see should be who you really are.
  7. You must share the good, the bad, and the neutral news with your team. Open communication is a must.
  8. No employee will complain about being kept too informed, too involved, or too inspired.
  9. Be sincere and always speak from the heart. Phonies are easy to spot.
  10. Build trust with deep listening.
Trust can be earned, but it takes time and patience. Your leadership and other strengths are only as valuable as your ability to achieve leverage and results through other people.

Losing Trust

On the flip side, trust can be lost quickly – in no time at all! Once trust is lost, it is very difficult to rebuild, if at all. As such, any untrustworthy behavior will cost you good employees. Remember: Good employees do not leave bad companies; they leave bad leaders. Tweet This Keep reminding yourself and your management team that the greatest assets of your business are your people. Taking the time to build trust is the best investment in your assets!

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