3 Steps to Gain Freedom in Your Business

business owner freedomAre you, as a business owner, a prisoner to your business? In other words, does your whole operation hinge on your presence? Does your business falter or stop when you aren’t there? Do you desire more freedom in your business? The key to freedom and consistent performance is systems. Your business should be systems-dependent, not owner-dependent! Do you have systems in place that allow your business to function without you? Here are three steps to creating a system-dependent business:  


Start by having your employees document everything they do. If necessary, have someone from the outside observe what you do and write it down for you. The point is to get it out of your head and onto paper, and the key is to do it with enough detail that someone new coming in can easily identify and perform your tasks as well as you do.

Learn to Trust

Look for tasks in your business processes that could be passed to someone else. Ask yourself, “What one task did I do today that I could train someone else to do?” You will be amazed at how handing that task off to someone else will impact your business. If you document your systems well, you can learn to trust your people and your systems. This is when effective delegation becomes possible.

Let Go

My vision for my clients is that they will be able to sit back with joy and watch their business work. My definition of a successful business is "an enterprise that is increasingly profitable, that consistently delivers on its promise -- perfectly, every time –  and runs without you the owner." When your systems are in place, you can let go and enjoy life more! What actions can you take to systemize your business? Contact us today and we can help you get on the path to freedom. Tweet This

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