3 Ways To Generate Word of Mouth Marketing

word of mouth marketingPeople talk! They talk about things that are interesting, unusual, or disappointing – and that reality can help or hurt our business. Most of us want people to talk about our businesses in positive ways to their friends and colleagues. That's called word-of-mouth marketing. Andy Sernovitz defined it in his book, Word of Mouth Marketing, as "giving people a reason to talk about your stuff, and making it easier for that conversation to take place." The downside of this reality is that people will talk about their disappointments with your product or service as much as they will talk about their pleasure. In fact, we typically have to do something "remarkable" to get them talking about us in the way we desire.

Get Your Customers Talking

Are you creating the kind of experience for your customers that will get them talking positively about your business?  My three favorite resources to help us create outstanding customer experiences include: We have to learn to make our customers and clients really, really happy! Michelli calls it "creating Wow!"  Godin calls it being "remarkable," which is doing something that causes them to want to "remark" to someone.  Blanchard calls it "turning customers into raving fans." Whatever you call it, the bottom line is this: You must be intentional.  It's probably not going to happen unless we intentionally work to become buzzworthy. Every business owner needs a vision and a process for word-of-mouth marketing. Sernovitz offers these three ways to generate word-of-mouth marketing:
  1. Earn the respect and recommendation of your customers, and they will do the rest.
  2. Treat people well; they will do your marketing for you – for free.
  3. Be interesting, or be invisible.

The Cost of Word-of-Mouth Marketing

If your customers won't talk about your stuff, you have to buy lots of advertising to generate sales. Expensive advertising is the price of being boring. Even worse, if your customer service or customer experience is poor, then word-of-mouth will kill you. Don't settle for customer "satisfaction."  Strive for customer "wow!"  People will talk, so make them talk about you! If you make your customers happy, word-of-mouth will propel your business for free! Begin thinking today about ways that you can make your product or service more interesting. Create an experience that they will remember and tell others about. As a business coach and executive coach, I help business owners and leaders in Sugar Land, Katy, and the Houston area achieve exceptional performance in their businesses. Part of the strategy is to become buzzworthy, and we can help you can do it! Contact us today for a No Cost Strategy Session to work on your word-of-mouth marketing! Tweet This


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