4 Misconceptions About Younger Workers

younger worker, young talent, young professionalThe unique thing about being both a business coach and a business owner is that I face the same challenges as my clients. Lately, I have been asking myself the question, "How do we bring out the best in young talent?" And if I am asking myself that question, then I know that many of my clients are asking themselves the same question.

Understanding Younger Workers

One resource that I have found to be very helpful is Managing Generation X by Bruce Tulgan. In this book, Tulgan helps business owners see four important things about young workers. First, they are not disloyal and uncommitted. Rather, they are cautious investors in a world which has taught them to expect little from institutional relationships. They are initially distrusting of large institutions, but when they do buy into your business or product, they will be loyal followers and brand enthusiasts! Second, they do not all have short attention spans. Instead, they want a lot of answers to a lot of questions from a lot of sources at a rapid pace. They want all of these things because their learning and communication skills were shaped by forces of the information revolution. They can Google something and have the answers they're looking for in seconds. Third, they are not necessarily arrogant. Instead, they are quite independent due to the fact that they have always felt they had only themselves on whom to depend during a very unstable and unpredictable time in history. Fourth, they do not buy the idea of "paying dues" because they have little or no hope of long-term job security with one employer. Their impatience for short-term rewards is a quest for a new kind of security related to work that is based on building themselves. In fact, younger workers want to be built into; they will stay in your organization long-term if you develop them and their talents.

Leverage Your Younger Workers

If we business owners want to leverage the creative talent and power of our younger workers, we must be willing to have a greater understanding of them. Consider engaging a coach who cares deeply about both you and your younger work force. We use a process that can transform you and your team! Contact us today to learn more about it!

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