4 Ways to Attract New Customers

marketing, attract new customers“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” -Alan Kay

Attracting new customers does not require expensive or complicated marketing tactics.  In fact, it can be as simple as implementing these 4 strategic ideas.
  1. Your products or services must have compelling benefits, must be believable, and must be different from your competition. The area most overlooked is providing customers with evidence and reasons to believe your claims. Do you do a good job of backing up your claims with statistics, testimonials, reviews, evidence, etc.?
  1. Re-activate and leverage your past customer relationships. Revisit your past, worthy customers and your inactive customers. Express your interest in re-kindling the relationship and solving any of their current problems. They did business with you at one time, wrote out checks to you, and may well be receptive to re-activating their relationship with you. However, you must identify and heal any unresolved wounds and share with them the benefits of doing business with your company once again. Give them an inducement (bonus, discount, additional service level, etc.) for taking action and ordering once again.
  1. Formalize and optimize your referral systems. Using reliable data, identify your best-performing referral sources over the past 12 months and be sure that you thank and reward them for their efforts. Communicate with these proven providers often to maintain a top-of-mind awareness in their heads. Once you identify these top providers, shamelessly clone these folks. Educate these and others as to the specific types of customers and circumstances you serve best.  Referral source cultivation is one of the most underutilized yet low-cost, high-yield marketing weapons that exist.
  1. Leverage those relationships that your business helps to financially support (your banker, CPA, attorney, suppliers, financial adviser, insurance agent, etc.). To determine who would be good informal sales agents for your business, ask the following types of questions: “Who will benefit from our success as we continue to grow and expand?” “Who do we write checks to on a regular basis and would have a vested interest in supporting our business development efforts?” Identify these relationships and ask these folks to reciprocate and support your growth efforts through leads, referrals, testimonials, etc.
Never lose sight of the fact that You are first and foremost a business owner in the MARKETING BUSINESS! Create and leverage the power of a marketing plan.  

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