5 Ways to Get More Results From Your Advertising

Here is the transcript of today's video blog on "5 Ways to Get More Results From Your Advertising."

Hi, I'm Glenn Smith the Growth Coach in Houston, Texas.  In this video blog I want to give 5 ways that you can get more benefits from your advertising.  As I work with small business owners, one common marketing challenge is, are we getting enough out of our advertising?  Chances are you are spending a lot of money on various forms of advertising.  What I've seen is that if you are not strategic you can waste a lot of money on your advertising. So, let me give you 5 ways that you can be more strategic, 5 ways to get more out of your ads. First, you want to work on your headline.  Your headline is probably the most important part of your ad.  You want this headline to grab their attention.  I typically take a day or 2, i try to come up with 2 or 3 possible ways to write a headline.  I test on some friends, you might test it on an employee.  Spend some time and make sure you get it right.  If that doesn't get their attention they won't even notice the rest of your ad. Secondly you want to identify your benefits.  You want to be quick and concise about the  problem your solving or the value your adding. Thirdly, you want to provide proof.  Now this isn't always possible because sometimes ad space is limited.  If possible, share a brief story, as success story, or give a brief quote from a happy client to show that you have delivered on your promise. Fourth, make an offer.  You want to make an offer that engages your potential customer.  You want to be clear about what you are offering first.  Is it your primary product or service?  Is it an e-book? A free report?  A quote?  A consultation?  A reason to walk into your store?  Be very clear, and offer a low threshold, low cost entry point for potential customers to begin a relationship with you.  Your goal here is not to share all of your products or services, the goal is to begin a relationship. Finally, you want to give a good call to action.  You want to give those potential customers a reason to act now.  Try to create a sense of urgency. Tell them what to do now.  Make it easy for them to  take action and do something now. Almost every business can increase their results by paying attention to these five tips.  I hope you'll watch this video again, or read the transcript, and work on these five skills. Make sure your advertising dollars are working for you. Thanks for watching.  

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