5 Ways to Grow Your Business

“A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.”-Francis Bacon  There are 5 solid ways to grow your business. We cover these in detail in our Strategic Retreats for business owners. To summarize, here they are:
  1. Keep the customers you have
  2. Attract new customers
  3. Increase the average transaction size
  4. Increase the frequency of purchase
  5. Say “no” to bad customers and prospects
If you want to implement a plan to grow take one of these strategies and implement it aggressively. However, if you implement two or more of these will your business will grow by leaps and bounds. That will create exponential growth. To be most effective you need to create a simple marketing plan. Make sure you have identified your ideal customer/client. Make sure you have clarified your best U.S.P. Select one or more of the strategies above and create activities/plans for each. Finally, put your activities/plans on a calendar! What gets scheduled gets done! Do you have a written marketing plan? Do you periodically review your marketing plan and recalibrate as warranted? Never lose sight of the fact that you are first and foremost a business owner in the MARKETING BUSINESS! Stay focused on marketing.

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