6 Easy Ways To Enjoy Your Commute

commute, business ownerCreating margin is essential to a well-balanced professional and personal life. Amid the hustle and bustle of tasks and events, it’s important to take time out to relax, reflect, and consider new ideas. One way to build margin into your life is to convert your dreaded commute to work into a time of enjoyment. Here are six suggestions from an article in The Huffington Post titled “Commuting Stress: 6 Ways to Enjoy a More Relaxing Daily Commute” that will transform your day.

1. Take control over your commuting decisions

It’s not traffic that causes anxiety – it’s the feeling of powerlessness that can come with traffic. Rather than resign to powerlessness, consider your options. Can you carpool with a friend, bike to work, or take a bus? Whatever you decide, remember that the tradeoff for your commute is a comfortable job or home.

2. Find enjoyable activities to pass the time

Rather than viewing your commute as a waste of time, add some purpose by calling loved ones, listening to an audiobook, or – if you’re in a bus or train – catching up on sleep or a novel. Your commute can serve as a calming transition between the demands of your workplace and home.

3. De-stress with meditative sounds and thoughts

Meditation and soothing sounds can lower levels of stress by silencing the mind or allowing you to focus on your thoughts. Try Dr. Danny Penman’s “Sounds and Thoughts” meditation.

4. Listen to classical music

Like meditation, classical music has been found to lower the level of a person’s anxiety and reduce incidents of road rage. Instead of cranking up a talk show or rock station, consider unwinding to soothing music.

5. Use your commute as an opportunity to be more mindful

Your commute can be a great time to allow yourself to reflect on different life situations and feelings that you may be shoving to the side. Allow yourself to process the frustrations and emotions without judgment.

6. Unplug

Most of our days are spent connected to the buzz of social media through technology. Consider making it a habit to unplug your phone just during your commute to be alone with your thoughts. These simple tips can help change your commute to work into an enjoyable daily routine. In the meantime, check out the great way this group spent their time commuting on the subway!

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