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social media marketingI like to focus on marketing in my Monday posts and today is no exception. However, today I welcome Camille Rodriquez, CEO and Founder of Polka Dot Impressions, as my guest blogger. Here are 7 tips that you will want to see! Most business leaders struggle to find enough time in the day to accomplish the tasks before them and get ahead of their project lists. “Putting out fires” becomes the order of the day, and usually, social media marketing is not one of those fires. However, with a just a few minutes each day, social media can be incorporated into a strategic routine so that you can build a growing presence for your business and create a customer relationship powerhouse. Here are seven tips to make social media marketing more effective for your business. 1. Start with one social media network at a time. Don’t try to jump into all of the networks at once or you’ll overwhelm yourself. Become very familiar with one at a time, and pay close attention to the differences between them as you expand. Each network has different strengths and benefits. 2. Be specific about your goals. Know what you want. Do you want to drive traffic to a website, create a platform for sharing your blogs, handle customer service, build brand awareness and recognition, or something else? Goals are critical to social media marketing, and each network may have distinct goals which will drive your posting strategy (see below), so always keep clearly defined goals in mind! 3. Post every day to your chosen networks. Posting strategies don’t have to be complicated, but simple words of encouragement, industry trends, new products, answers to FAQs, upcoming events, etc. are all great sources of content to talk about depending on your goals. It helps to envision a “typical” customer in your mind and speak directly to that person when you’re crafting your post. This will keep your tone conversational and engaging. 4. Make good use of apps and third-party software. Most of the popular social media networks have downloadable apps for mobile devices, and there are plenty of automated posting services that allow you to schedule posts in advance. These tools will save you a great deal of time and make posting possible from wherever you find yourself during the day. 5. Use the alert notifications. Again, most of the social media networks or apps that you use have the ability to alert you when someone engages with you in social media. Turn these on or activate them so that you are responsive when customers or potential clients interact with you. There’s nothing worse for your business reputation than using social media but failing to be social with it! 6. Use social media for networking with other businesses. Many referrals come from other business leaders, so supporting them through social media will compliment your referral marketing strategy. Comment, share/retweet and engage with others through their social media channels, and if they’re being strategic, too, they’ll likely return the favor! 7. Spend 10-15 minutes per week scoping out your competition. See what others in your industry are doing, and notice what you like and dislike about their approach. Do a “Competitor Analysis” on a monthly basis, too. By identifying what interests you, you’ll be able to fine-tune the strategies and posting styles that best fit your company’s voice. It’s important to develop your own social media style, but it helps to understand what resonates with you in order to do this, as well as making sure that you’re not missing any trends in your industry. In as little as 15 minutes per day, you can create a comprehensive marketing strategy for creating content, monitoring, and responding via social media channels. Social media doesn’t have to be overwhelming, but it shouldn’t be ignored, either. Camille Rodriquez is the CEO and Founder of Polka Dot Impressions. She provides social media management and consulting services for business leaders in the Houston area.

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