A Day in the Life of Some American Businesses

stress, business ownerCranky opens his place of business at 8 a.m. Salesman Bob arrives at 8:20, and Worker Sue and Bookkeeper Mary get in around 8:45. Salesman Bob and Worker Sue answer the phones until CSR Jim wanders in at about 10, and then Cranky answers the phone while Bookkeeper Mary sends Worker Sue to the bank, except on Tuesdays when Worker Sue takes "Scooter" to Doggie Daycare, then CSR Jim goes to the bank. But if CSR Jim is on call, then Bookkeeper Mary has to go herself, if she can borrow Cranky's car, since her teenage son wrecked hers.
Can you relate to one of these people? Does this sound like your business? Philip Paul Beyer provided this description of a typical day in the life of many American businesses in his book, System Busters. Unfortunately, this story, like most businesses, only gets more complicated.

The Day Continues

Cranky takes care of doing payroll on Fridays, unless he is having lunch with a client - then Worker Sue will do it, because she always has, and Bookkeeper Mary was never trained on payroll. CSR Jim takes calls and writes most of the job orders, unless he is called to the back of the shop to handle problems in production, and then Salesman Bob is asked to take the orders. But Salesman Bob doesn't like doing that, so sometimes he just lets the phone ring until Cranky has to answer and take the order himself. But when Cranky takes a job order he usually writes it up wrong, so CSR Jim gets mad at Salesman Bob for not doing the job, and Salesman Bob gets uppity and says his job is selling - and why should he have to answer phones and take in orders, anyway? Cranky gets upset at CSR Jim and Salesman Bob for quarreling and says, "If Salesman Bob is too @#% busy, then we'll have Worker Sue give us a hand, if her nails are dry and her stupid dog's okay." As Cranky downs a blood pressure pill, they all wonder, "What is Cranky's problem? What is he so upset about?"

Sound Familiar?

If this sounds vaguely familiar to you, I highly recommend Beyer’s book, System Busters. I also recommend that you contact us today. We can help you systematize your business so that it will run profitably, predictably, and without you!

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