Appreciation Marketing: What is it?


Transcript for Video Blog on Appreciation Marketing - The 3 Components of Client Appreciation

Hi, I’m Glenn Smith, the business Growth Coach in Houston, Texas.  Every Monday I like to provide some useful content to help business owners in the area of marketing – I call this my “Monday is for Marketing” feature.  Today in this video blog I want to give you some tips on “Appreciation Marketing.” Now I’m sure you’ve heard of:
  • direct marketing,
  • internet marketing,
  • social media marketing,
  • relationship marketing,
  • referral marketing,
  • network marketing,
  • viral marketing,
  • vertical marketing,
  • email marketing,
  • mass marketing,
  • traditional marketing, and even
  • content marketing – but have you heard about appreciation marketing?
Appreciation marketing is a system whereby you express gratitude to those people who do business with you and who refer business to you. Unfortunately most businesses are rather haphazard about expressing appreciation to their customers.  In fact, statistics tell us that 68% of customers who leave, do so because of perceived indifference. In other words, the biggest reason you and I lose customers is because we are ineffective at communicating that we care and we appreciate them.  So I encourage my clients to develop a system of appreciation marketing. Now there are a lot of things you can do to express appreciation.  Let me give you 3 big categories to work from.  First is WORDS.  Use words and verbally tell your customers “thank you, I appreciate your business.” Train your staff to use to words.  Rehearse it yourself and with your employees so that the words freely roll off your tongue.  Look for many different times and places to verbally say, “thank you.”  Use words. Next, use GESTURES.  This can be a phone call (not asking for anything, just to say "thank you"), it can be an email (although email tends to be over-used), or it can be a hand-written card (Mary Kay Ash wrote 3 personal notes every evening.)  All of these are gestures to say “thank you, you matter to us.” Finally, use GIFTS.  A resource, a book, a gift card, food, anything that your customer will find meaningful or useful.  Gifts are the highest form of expressing appreciation.  And if you’re a B2B business, a referral may be the best gift of all! So use all 3 (words, gestures, gifts) to express appreciation.  But do it systematically. Mary Kay Ash’s system was 3 handwritten notes every evening.  Part of my system is to have a client appreciation luncheon every year. Create a system for yourself where you can make periodic touches of appreciation.  Don’t wait so long that your customers develop the perception of indifference.

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  1. Cynthia Cox says:

    This is a great video! I truly appreciate my clients, but I am not consistently telling them. I needed to reminder. I found when I do direct my associates to express appreciation, it positively affects their attitude too. Thanks, Glenn, for the good information.

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