Are Your Business Systems Holding You Back?

business process, business systems, business ownersSmall business owners talk to me weekly about why their business is "stuck," why it is not growing. Of course there are several possible causes for this, but one common cause is what I call "System Bottlenecks." These bottlenecks will keep your business from growing, preventing you from taking it to the next level. It is helpful to view your business as a large system.  This large system has many "sub-systems." The 5 core sub-systems of every business are:
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer Fulfillment (or Delivery of your Products or Services)
  • Admin/Back Office
  • HR
Every business has to address these 5 issues and develop systems for each. Any one of these systems may contain multiple bottlenecks that prevent your business from growing. Sometimes the business owner is not even aware of how each of these systems is working in their business. But it is important to realize that your system is perfectly designed to get what you are getting!

So if you want to get something different from your business, you must change the business systems.

Enlist employees or team members to help you assess how these critical systems are actually working in your business. Have someone write it down, maybe creating a flow chart with the steps that are being followed. You may want to engage an outsider like a business coach to help you look objectively at your core systems. Where could there be potential bottlenecks? How could you improve in each of these core areas? It is not uncommon for one relatively small adjustment to open the gate for dramatic growth! One small change could be a huge point of leverage. This is one reason system bottlenecks often go unnoticed until there is an intentional and objective assessment.

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