Are You An Entrepreneur?

entrepreneur, e-myth, business ownerThe answer may surprise you. Author Michael Gerber has been challenging the assumption that most business owners are entrepreneurs for more than 25 years. He calls this assumption the “entrepreneurial myth.” The entrepreneurial myth (or E-myth) is the false belief that being an expert at the technical part of your job means that you’re automatically an expert at running your business. Why should business owners listen to Gerber? You might say Gerber is the father of small business coaching. I have followed his work most of my adult life. A while back I had the privilege of spending some personal time with this delightful and highly intelligent man who has researched and helped literally thousands of businesses and their owners.

The Face of Business in the U.S.

According to Michael 98% of all businesses have 20 employees or less. Ninety percent of those have less than 10 employees, and most have less than five employees. Today, sixty-seven percent of all companies in the U.S. are sole proprietorships, or one-person operations. The vast majority of those sole proprietors believe that hiring people is extremely difficult and that managing them is nearly impossible. Even in slower economic times thousands of new businesses are started every month in the U.S. However, ninety percent will go out of business before they reach their fifth anniversary. Of those that remain in business, most of these business owners are working just as hard — if not harder — at 5 and 10 years into their business as they did when they first started their business. So much for entrepreneurial dreams of freedom and independence.

There is a Better Way

I highly suggest that business owners improve their businesses with the help of a business coach. The coaching process can be a powerful experience for business owners who are dedicated to changing their approach and, ultimately, their results. A coach shows you how to become a true entrepreneur. At the Growth Coach, we help you:
  • Improve your business,
  • Increase your profits, and
  • Improve your quality of life.
In other words, we train you to work less and make more! Our passion is your success. To find out more about transforming your business contact us today!

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