Are You Using Your Imagination?

imagination, dream, inspiration, businessAt a recent neighborhood party, my neighbors were talking about the book A Brief History of Time, by Stephen Hawking. In it, Hawking discusses the vastness of the universe in a way that leaves us in awe. As I listened to my friends talk about this with wonderment and imagination, I could not help but think that although we human beings are a very small part of the universe, we have the capability to see far beyond ourselves!

An Inspiring Universe

Try to imagine 100 billion stars in our galaxy and 100 billion galaxies in our universe. Mind-boggling! We have the capacity to dream about and imagine incomprehensible things. We have enormous potential to discover and create. We are inspired and awed by the mystery of all that exists and by our potential to create more on this planet. I am inspired this morning as I look into the eyes of my young granddaughter and see so much joy and life and possibility!  Unfortunately, the biggest mystery some people reflect upon is, how can I make some money today? Of course, we have to make money. But your business can be so much more! Your business is a product of your imagination! Ask yourself, "How much imagination did it take to create what I've got?"

Dreaming For More

Do you hunger for something more? Do you dream of something bigger? Do you long to have a greater impact in your world? Most people live very small lives. We tend to make the world smaller in our minds so that we can control it. I want to encourage you to DREAM! Dream about the business and the life you want! Dream about the possibilities! Dream about something that stretches you beyond what you can control. Dream about how you can impact and influence your community, your industry, your world. Let your dreams take you beyond where you are today. Consider engaging in a coaching process that will help you dream, that will stretch your imagination, and that will enable you to accomplish more than you ever thought possible!   

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