Attitude is Everything in Selling

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“The day you turn pro is the day you realize that attitude in selling is everything.” –Tom Hopkins
Tom Hopkins is one of my favorite sales trainer. Apparently he’s everyone’s favorite – he has been voted America’s #1 Builders of Sales Champions.

Your Mindset Matters

What key advice does Hopkins give to business owners and professionals? In less than two minutes, Hopkins explains the importance of attitude in selling. In fact, he believes attitude is everything when it comes to selling. Catch this clip: In the video, Hopkins says that an attitude of enthusiasm and excitement is the key to selling. It is the most important thing you have. He says more people will say “yes” to you when they sense your conviction about what it is you are selling. But you must first establish this “yes” attitude within you before you can pass it to others. So, how do you get this attitude within you?

Let Go of the Past

Hopkins provides your first step – what he calls “mental psyche-up.” Before you even begin selling, you must first let go of things in the past that are holding you back. He says you must stop dwelling on failures and negative emotions from the past. He compares them to a bucket of ashes. Every morning, make a commitment to yourself that you will live in the present moment. Throw out the bucket of past failures and negative emotions from yesterday. Instead, focus on today and the possibilities. Tweet This

Look to the Future

Hopkins believes this is a pivotal first step to establishing success in sales. If you do not make the choice to get rid of negative past emotions, your future will be negatively affected. In contrast, if you take the time to rid your life of negativity, you make room for positivity and success. Your success in selling begins with your willingness to begin to let go of the past so you can foster an attitude of enthusiasm and excitement.

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