Becoming a Strategic Business Owner: Do’s and Don’ts

Strategic Business OwnerIn our coaching workshops, we stress the concept of every business owner and self-employed professional becoming a Strategic Business Owner (SBO). Pay close attention to these bullets and ask yourself honestly, "Is this me? Would my employees describe me this way? Would those who know me well describe me this way?" Becoming a strategic is first and foremost a mindset. Once you fully adopt this mindset then you will be able to experience real behavioral changes. To help you strengthen your mindset consider signing up for our FREE Business Tips. Now, here are actions that set SBOs apart from other business owners.

Strategic Business Owners do:

  • Embrace the critical word “leverage”
  • Leverage marketing and others’ talents
  • Achieve greater results with less time and effort
  • Work smarter, not harder
  • Work more effectively, productively, and strategically
  • Focus on the entire business
  • Lead effectively
  • Develop business plans and procedures
  • Trust in their people and systems
  • Have a strategic mindset
  • Utilize a priority management system

Strategic Business Owners do not:

  • Micromanage
  • Dictate or scream
  • Focus only on the technical work of the business
  • Use only a time management system
  • See themselves as a hands-on technician
  • Operate as control freaks
  • Expect to be a jack-of-all trades
  • Consider themselves workaholics
  • Have the mentality of an “I’ll do it myself” martyr
Becoming a SBO is a skill that can be learned in our coaching process. We begin by training business owners and self-employed professionals in the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of a SBO because the first step toward change is identifying red flag areas. What ineffective traits have you identified as red flags? Contact us and let us help you become a more strategic business owner!

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