Build Sales Momentum Using The Herd Theory

selling, marketingLike you, I am always looking for ways to strengthen my marketing and increase my sales effectiveness. One of my favorite sales trainers is Tom Freese, author of Secrets of Question Based Selling. This is a resource that every business owner and sales professional MUST READ! In today’s Monday is for Marketing feature I want to share one of the concepts that Tom talks about called “The Herd Theory.” Tom says:
“If you could demonstrate that everyone else was already interested in, and excited about, your product, wouldn’t that communicate a greater sense of value and lower the prospect’s risk? That’s precisely how the Herd Theory works. By showing prospects that ‘everyone else’ is already moving in a certain direction, you can more easily motivate potential buyers to move in the same direction.”

Reduce the Risk

Much like animals, people are strongly influenced by the direction of their surroundings. If we can give our prospects an authentic sense that “everyone else” is already moving in a certain direction, we will reduce their sense of risk and increase the probability of a sell. However, I want to stress “authentic!” If you do not have happy customers, good stories, testimonials, and particularly, online reviews, you do not have much to work with! These are key to your ability to “pull” potential customers your way. Strategic partners can be a big help here as well.

Why Do Your Customer Buy From You?

Once your prospect sees “others” are moving your direction you can confidently ask, “Would you like to know why?” It is a beautiful thing when we are invited to share why our customers hire us or buy our products! The goal is to create a sense of momentum. As Tom says, “If the rest of the herd seems to be moving in a certain direction, other prospects and customers will want to know why.” The Herd Theory is a powerful marketing and selling technique for establishing credibility, generating interest, and reassuring prospects. If your prospects feel like many others have benefited from your products or services, they will be more likely to step out and engage you as well. You will increase your sales effectiveness and build sales momentum by leveraging the Herd Theory.

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