Building a Gen Y Team

Gen Y, Team, Young ProfessionalsWise business owners learn how to win the loyalty and commitment of their team. When they apply their wisdom, the response of their team yields great results for their business. Great business owners have traditionally managed their teams by valuing personal responsibility, building goal-centered teams, developing the potential of each employee, supporting champions, rewarding innovation, and celebrating success. However, the younger workforce presents some new and unique challenges, which provides a challenge to many business owners. Today, business owners must learn a new way of relating to their Gen Y team to win their loyalty and commitment.

3 Observations About Managing Gen Y Teams

As we build and manage Gen Y teams, here are three important observations to keep in mind.
  • First, we must build teams that support the younger workforce as individuals. We can do this by facilitating their learning on the job and by maximizing their special relationship with information and technology.
  • Second, we must support their independence by encouraging their natural entrepreneurism and creativity.
  • Third, we must provide cost effective reward systems which make them more productive while offering them opportunities for self-building. Self-building is the only form of job security they understand.

Bridging the Old with the New

Business owners can still utilize much of the advice espoused by older management experts when managing this new generation. However, in addition to the traditional wisdom, we as business owners must shift our focus to adapt to Gen Y workers. We owners need to discover the peculiar hopes and dreams of these young men and women. Strategic business owners are always thinking about leverage. Let's learn to leverage this incredible generation of talent. In so doing, we will not only help improve our businesses, but we will also prepare them for the future!

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