Business Growth Strategies: Get New Customers

business growth strategies, marketingBusiness Growth Strategies: Get Customers

We have begun to examine the 5 business growth strategies that every business needs to adopt in order to grow to the next level. In our last post we looked at the #1 Key to Business Success. Here we will look at how to get customers. This second strategy is straight forward, Identify and Implement the Most Efficient and Cost-Effective Way to Win New Clients & Customers. This should be one of your most consistent business growth strategies. Healthy businesses have a steady stream of new clients and customers coming in their door. Traditionally when business owners would think about attracting new customers they would think about advertising – typically print, radio, or tv ads. In recent years most business owners are utilizing the web and online marketing to get customers.

However, there are at least 6 major ways to market your business and get customers.

1.    Traditional Advertising – as has already been mentioned this would include various print ads, radio, tv, billboards, signs, fliers, brochures, phone books, direct mail, telemarketing, etc. 2.    Internet Marketing – which would include websites, e-newsletters, directory listings, SEO, PPC, etc. 3.    Press Releases – which would include local publications, national publications, and now many online press release services. 4.    Social Media Marketing – which would include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. 5.    Referral Marketing – which would include acquiring referrals from both your clients and other strategic business partners. 6.    Relationship Marketing – which would include networking, community involvement/service, etc. My good friend Dan Murphy has posted an article entitled “9 Simple, Low-Cost Marketing Strategies to Win New Customers.” This post is an excellent resource for small businesses who need to market on a budget – and who doesn’t! I have been encouraging all of our Houston area businesses to leverage these.

The bottomline is this: every business must get customers to survive and grow!

To build a healthy business you must develop a strategy for business growth. Put your marketing plan together utilizing these 6 marketing strategies and begin implementing this plan systematically and consistently. As you do this you will get customers and watch your business grow. As a Houston business coach, this is one way I help new clients.

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