Business Growth: What Should Change, What Should Remain the Same?

business growth, changeIf you want different results you must take different action! That’s one of my mantras! I am continually working with my clients to help them think differently, to see themselves and their business differently, and to behave differently, in order to get different (better) results. We’ve heard the definition of insanity ad nauseam, but let me repeat it:  “Insanity is doing the same things the same way but expecting different results.” Why do I repeat it? Because in spite of hearing it over and over again, we still keep doing it! Insanity on top of insanity. However, one of the primary reasons we fail to make changes and do things differently is that we do not know what to change and what to do differently. Let me offer some help. First, what should NEVER change? Two things should never change and those are your core values and your core business. In his excellent book Built to Last, author Jim Collins develops the idea of core values fully but let me simply say that every business must gain clarity on their values. This typically comes from the heart of the business owner. For more insight into this topic of core values see the video “7 Reasons Why Core Values Are Important.” To learn more about core business see the next post “Business Growth Strategies: Build On Your Core.” Never change your core, or as Jim Collins puts it, “preserve the core” no matter what! Once you gain clarity around your core values and core business, well, everything else is up for grabs! That includes structure, strategy, systems, roles, location, etc. Look for the greatest leverage points to make changes. But be sure your changes protect and build on your core. To get started I suggest that you execute a S.W.O.T. Analysis. Then ask yourself 2 questions:
  • What do my strengths and weaknesses tell me about my core values and core business?
  • What do my opportunities and threats tell me about potential areas for change?
Start with this. And if you want some help to take your analysis, definition, and planning to the next level, contact me. I am glad to provide local businesses with a FREE 1-hour strategy coaching session.

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