5 Ways to Escape the Business Owner Blues

Business owner needs a business coachAre you enjoying the freedom you deserve as a business owner? Are you still having fun? Are you making the money you had hoped to make when you started your business, or are you working too much for too little return? If you are not experiencing the freedom, fun, or fortune that you hoped for, you may be experiencing the business owner blues! Many (if not most) business owners habitually suffer from generalized feelings of anxiety, mental fatigue, and of being trapped in the business. They feel like prisoners and have lost hope of freedom, flexibility, fun, and fortune. This is what I call the business owner blues! The good news is that you don't have to live this way. Let me give you 5 ways to escape the business owner blues.
  1. Face Reality. Be honest with yourself about where you and your business are today. What's working? What's not? How is your current reality different from the hopes and dreams you had when you started your business?
  2. Shift Your Mindset. You must begin to view yourself as a Strategic Business Owner, not an employee! You must begin to work smarter not harder. You must begin to believe that you really can make more AND work less!
  3. Find Your Leverage. The key to working less but accomplishing more is leverage. Learn to leverage your strengths, marketing, systems, technology, and other people. Take a strategic retreat to help you shift your mindset and find your leverage.
  4. Make a Plan. Set your goals and make a concrete, actionable plan to achieve those goals. If you fail to plan, you will most likely fail to achieve your dream. A key to business success is goal setting.
  5. Engage a Coach. All of us need others around us to serve as a sounding board, an advisor, and an accountability partner. We need someone else to help us see reality honestly and brainstorm to find proven paths for achieving our vision. That is what a good business coach will do for you.
You don't have to live with chronic business owner blues. As a business coach who serves Katy, Sugar Land, Houston, and entrepreneurs all across the country, I have the joy of seeing businesses and business owners transformed right before my eyes. Check out other free resources on this website. Call or click if you would like to receive a complimentary 30 minute coaching session to help you escape the business owner blues.

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