Business Owner: What Should You Prioritize?

priorities, business ownerA major part of successful living lies in the ability to put first things first. Indeed, the reason most major goals are not achieved is that we spend our time doing second things first. – Robert J. McKain
The purpose of every business and every owner is the same. All business owners want to find, satisfy, and keep customers. That’s why – no matter what business you are in – your four processes that make this primary goal happen should be your top priorities and areas of focus!

Prioritize Your Primary Business Processes

The four different processes that make up your business cycle include your marketing process, selling process, operations process, and customer service process. Each process plays a critical role in reaching your primary goal. The marketing process generates leads, and the selling process generates customers by closing leads. The operations process fulfills the promises made to the customer, and the customer service process follows up with the customer to ensure two things: satisfaction with the current transaction and discover of any other unmet needs.

Maintain Your Secondary Business Processes

In addition to these four most important processes, every business requires other secondary support functions. Although these other functions are important, they should all be secondary priorities to your main mission: finding, satisfying, and keeping customers. These back-office, secondary support functions include a finance/accounting process to manage money, a human resources process to manage employee issues, and an infrastructure process to manage technology, facilities, and administration.

Prioritizing: Keeping First Things First

Remember to keep first things first! Be sure you have a personal system to keep track of your four processes, to maintain your secondary support functions, and to keep your eye on your primary goal of customers! To get help with your four main processes, contact us today for a FREE consultation.


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