Business Owners: Focus on Results!

Here is a transcript of today's video blog "Business Owners: Focus on Results".

Hi, I'm Glenn Smith, the Growth Coach in Houston, TX. Business owners must focus on results. I like this quote from Vince Lombardi, he said, "Some of us will do our jobs well, and some will not. But we will all be judged by only one thing, and that is the result." That's true, especially in business, we're judged by the results. Did we serve the customer well? Did we perform our service well? Did we provide a quality product to our customer? Is our business performing? Are we making money? And are we serving people in the process? You can either make excuses or get results. You won't do both. Many people spend their whole lives giving excuses. Business owners have to get results. As business owners, we have to focus our team on results. To do that, you need to set goals. You want to get clear and you want to help your team get clear on what you expect and what you want out of your business. Everybody gets on the same page and they focus on achieving results. So engage your team in the goal setting process. Build goals around customer service, community impact, improving your systems and processes, team development, and of course sales. As you develop these goals, help everyone on your team, empower everyone on your team, to become a meaningful contributor. You've got to get results. So I encourage you as a business owner to focus on results.

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