Business Owners: Lead More, Work Less

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 “Lead as if you’ll be held accountable, because you will.” -Bobby Bowden

There are 3 levels of work in every business. I refer to this as: The Technical Work, The Management Work, and The Leadership Work. As the business owner if you are spending most of your time doing the “technical” work of the business, you cannot do the necessary management work or the vital leadership work.

Your most important role as a business owner is leadership!

Leadership is critical to your business success, your personal freedom and fulfillment, and to optimizing the potential of your team. If you don’t lead more and work less, you’ll never be free from the daily grind and technical trenches of your business. Your critical role is leadership not doer-ship! Leadership is everything to the success of a business, and improving your leadership effectiveness is a never-ending growth process. It’s not a cliché, it's true - everything rises and falls on leadership!

Multiple Hats

If you continue to wear multiple hats in your company, you will continue to be diverted from your primary responsibility – leading! A business can rise only to the level of the leader’s effectiveness. To help my clients understand this I encourage them to create an “exhaustive” organization chart. Do NOT create it around people. Create it around tasks and functions. Create 5 boxes at the top of your chart for each of the 5 major systems of your business:
  • Marketing
  • Selling
  • Customer Fulfillment/Service
  • Administration
  • Human Resources
Under each of those boxes list the major or important tasks or functions. If you understand what I’m telling you to do, you will end up with at least 30-40 boxes, and maybe even 50 or more! This represents all the major tasks and functions in your business. Now ask yourself, “How many of these boxes am I in?" What most business owners quickly realize is that they are doing so much “technical” work that they do not have time to lead! As you know, you are 100% responsible for the good, bad, and ugly in your business. Never lose sight of the fact that your primary responsibility as a Strategic Business Owner is leading!

What do leaders do?

Leaders create clarity! Clarity of vision, direction, goals, focus, expectations, etc.  Leaders also create the right conditions for others to succeed. They do this by providing the tools, systems, training, and support needed to be successful. My encouragement to you is to create clarity and create the right conditions for your team. Empower them to succeed at the technical work. Focus YOUR time on leadership!

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