Business Systems Are the Key to Selling Your Business

Man Thinking About Business Systems "Formulate and stamp indelibly on your mind a mental picture of yourself as succeeding. Hold this picture tenaciously. Never permit it to fade. Your mind will seek to develop the picture.” -Norman Vincent Peale
Without business systems in place, no one will want to pay a premium for your broken business.  They will not want to buy a dysfunctional business that is solely dependent upon you for its day-to-day operations and survival. If it is obvious that you are a prisoner to your business, why would anyone want to buy into such a life sentence?   They would not, or they would pay very little for such a systems-deficient business.  Please grasp this:  No one wants to buy a job, a series of headaches, or an owner-centered and owner-dependent business.  To maximize your company’s eventual selling price, realize that buyers want to acquire a smoothly running, money-generating machine. Buyers want to purchase a business system that runs on near autopilot, foolproof status.  They want to buy a fully documented, organized business system that gets predictable results.  They want an asset that has proven processes, predictable revenue streams, and strong growth potential.  They want to buy a well-designed, hassle-free, cash flowing asset. The more turnkey, self-managing, self-improving system you develop, the greater the value to a potential buyer.  If your business runs well without you being there every day, it will be worth gold to others.  And until the day you sell, don’t you want to own and manage the same type of well-designed, well-orchestrated business? Be an architect.  Be a sculptor.  Think Big!  Be PROACTIVE and shape your business to truly be what you want it to be. Here are some more FREE resources to help you move in the direction of a turnkey business: 7 Steps to Prepare Your Business to Sell 7 Ways to Gain More Leverage and Work Less As a business coach serving business owners in Sugar Land, Houston, and the Texas area, I help owners not only grow their businesses, but also create systems to make their businesses much more sellable. Here is a recent press release of one of our clients:  "Business Owner Reports 63% Growth; Is Approached to Buy His Business Systems."


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