Business Systems – Coaching Question of the Week

Our coaching question this week from your virtual business coach is about business systems:  "What steps do you need to take this week as a business owner, to improve your business systems and move your business toward becoming turn-key?" Here's the transcript of today's video: I work with business owners to help systematize their businesses. In fact, I help business owners work less and make more by leveraging systems. I’m here at the airport today by my airplane, this is a plane that I own with three other partners. I was very privileged as a kid to grow up in aviation, my father owned several aviation businesses. So I started flying as a kid and I’ve been flying now for nearly 40 years. And people ask me very often, “Is flying really safe?” The truth is, flying is incredibly safe. And it’s because flying is all about systems. This aircraft has several systems. It has an electrical system, a vacuum system, a power plant system, and others. It has several systems that work together to ensure predictable, consistent, safe flight. And that’s why aviation is truly safer than driving your car down the street. When I work with business owners, I try to help them understand that same concept. Your business will be profitable, it will be predictable, and it will perform tremendously if you build it around systems. So we work on systems a lot. My coaching question of the week is this: What systems do you need to be working on? What systems do you need to be improving right now to create a turn-key business? For many business owners, their business runs them. We want to see business owners in control of their business, not the other way around. By having systems, he or she can do that. I want to encourage you this week to think about that question. What systems do you need to be working on right now to create a turn key business and to create a better life? Thanks for watching today.

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4 Responses to “Business Systems – Coaching Question of the Week”

  1. Mike Dobert says:


    Outstanding article and video – systems are a key foundation in a successful business, and as you’ve mentioned, continuous improvement is equally important to ensure the continued efficiency of those business processes.

    Thank you for your valued leadership to our business community!

    Michael J. Dobert, S.P.H.R.
    HR in Alignment, LLC

    • Glenn says:

      Mike, thank you for the kind words. I appreciate your comment on the need for continuous improvement too. As business owners and leaders we must pay attention to the systems and their effectiveness! Great encouragement for us all.

  2. Glenn, a brilliant, simple and very relevant metaphor on the critical need for and vital importance of business systems. I thoroughly enjoy your Coaching Question of the Week Video…powerful concepts and great value for all of us entrepreneurs and business owners. Keep them flying !!

    Dan Murphy, CEO & Founder
    Growth Coach Franchise Systems