Client Success Stories – Sterling Carter

Sterling Carter shares how Glenn Smith Coaching has transformed his mindset and his business. Transcript is below. My name is Sterling Carter, I am a physical therapist by trade, I own Sterling Physical Therapy and Wellness. I also am the owner of Sterling Staffing Solutions which is a healthcare staffing company. The immediate result that I was able to see with Glenn and the Growth Coach is my ability to organize. I was able to start basically coming up with a list of to-do items each day, being able to prioritize and categorize those items and get things done based on priority and need. I think one of the other big things that Glenn was big on was making sure that I don't do things that someone else can do. As the business owner, there's certain more important skills or items that we have to take care of, we shouldn't get bogged down in doing administrative type stuff, or something that we could get someone else to do. So learning to delegate was really big. I think one of the big things that I was able to learn with the Growth Coach is that my business was not scalable. And so my long term goal became to make sure that the business did not rely on Sterling. That the business actually could be self-sufficient. So if I wanted to sell it or open up different offices I could do that and it's actually scalable. So that was the big long term goal that I learned. So the group process was really cool because number one, you have a lot of your peers, I guess, a lot of people who have businesses, and they're all different types of businesses, but what's so funny is that we all have the same issues. We all can relate to the woes of having a business and the successes of having a business. So it's nice to bounce ideas and thoughts on what's going on with your business, how to kind of come up with a solution, and everyone can kind of chime in and kind of figure out what to do or what can be done, and what their experiences are with their business. The biggest thing for any business owner, as far as what prevents them from joining a group like the Growth Coach, or getting consultations from someone like Glenn Smith, is time. Because as a business owner, you're going a thousand different ways, and you're not sure if you have the time to dedicate, to take a day out of your schedule to just focus on the business. But, I think that once you've attended a session and once you've talked to Glenn, you realize that's probably one of the most important things you could do is to take the day out to work on strategic thinking and building the business. And working on the business and not in the business. Because of the results of the Growth Coach and Glenn we've seen some dramatic changes. On the therapy side, I've hired on two other doctors of physical therapy, full time, one physical therapy assistant, several other supportive administrative staff, we have tripled in our business, so the numbers are through the roof right now. And effective on January 1st I no longer am a technician in the business, I don't work in the business, I completely just work on the business. That was a true milestone because now I don't have to worry about coming into work everyday if I don't have to. Because I know that even if I'm not here, there's still business going as usual and income is still coming in. For those business owners that are out there and they are trying to decide if they should do Glenn's classes, The Growth Coach classes, I would say that you have to make an investment, not just in your business, but in you. And when you make this commitment, you're making an investment in yourself and in your financial freedom and financial independence. I don't think you can afford not to do it. I think it's a very, very worthwhile investment. I think that what I've been able to learn through Glenn has pushed my business to the next level, and it's paid itself, the fees for it, has paid itself one hundred times over. So, it's been really good.


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