Client Testimonial – Betsy DeVega

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My name is Betsy DeVega, and I am the founder and head of school for Knile Center, which has a boutique style private school for 3rd through 12th grade and we do educational coaching after school. The program itself, and some of the things I've heard, you hear, as an entrepreneur you hear, you know, from research or going to other classes, but Glenn is phenomenal. He does a great job of listening to you, really tailoring it to you and your needs. The process and the program have really helped me to think more as a business owner, a strategic business owner, than someone who just has a passion for working with children and helping children. So it's really helped me to develop more of the business model than to work inside the business, if that makes sense. The only obstacle I see is money. It's just being able to afford a program like this, but it's been worth every penny. I will tell you the thing I like the most about, maybe not even the group, but just the program, are the one-on-ones. The quarterly meetings are excellent because we all get to brainstorm and bounce ideas off of each other and it's neat to see another business owner's perspective, and what they're dealing with, and to know that you're not alone a lot of times. But those one-on-ones, where I can say, come in and go, "Okay, here's my problem now." So, he never answers it for you, which is great, 'cause he makes you answer it. But he puts it in such a way, that you're like, you almost always, I come out of there with some sort of "a-ha" moment, "Okay! Now I know I need to move in this direction." Glenn does a great job of, when you come in and go, "Okay, this is my problem today," so he does a great job of, without giving you an answer, the way he gives you the questions, and the way he makes you think, he kind of helps you come up with your own solutions or steps to solve that solution, without him saying, "This is what you need to do." He'll even give you resources and say, "What do you think about reading this part of the book," or, "This particular book reminds me of what you're going through," or, "There's this person that was dealing with what you're dealing with, let me explain this strategy." You know, he's so respectful, but he does it in such a way that he makes you, he makes you feel good about your decisions. And if it's a decision that he really thinks isn't the best for your business, he's great at saying, "Okay I see why you're looking at it that way, but what if you looked at it this way." And so he makes you really think and evaluate and re-evaluate the process. What sets him apart from everybody else, and any other growth coach and any other business-type program is Glenn, himself. He really knows his stuff, he does such an excellent job of making you think on that level. I don't know if it's his background, the fact that he was a pastor, he really brings things to light, he really gets into the heart of things. He really genuinely cares and wants you to succeed. And I have seen a huge difference in my business because of that. You know, when you're in the business, and you're doing the day to day routines, um, you get caught up into it. And sometimes you forget to step outside that box and to think in a different way. Or you get comfortable, and there may be something that you're not as comfortable doing, and so you're like, "I'll get to that tomorrow." And he, that accountability is great. He reminds you that that's still a part of the process and still just as important as what you like to do, so that you become successful.

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