Client Testimonial – David Mauk


Here is a transcript of today's video blog. Enjoy!

I’m David Mauk with Jones Road Tree Service. We’re a total one stop shop for tree-care solutions in Houston, TX. We provide service to individuals and companies, HOA’s, etc. that would need our service. What really surprised me was how genuine Glenn is. I see him as a friend, a Christian mentor, that just doesn’t mentor me, he can mentor our business. He has gone way past the original intent that I ever came to him for. I came to him to help me. He’s given me a gift. A gift of peace. Sure, a business is hard word, running a business is hard work, being the head of a business is hard work. But it doesn’t have to be, it doesn’t have to destroy us. It’s a cost. It does cost money to be here, but what do you want? You want to have broken relationships? Do you want to be, 20 or 30 years down the road, divorced? Alcoholism? Addictions? Addictive behaviors because of the stress of running a business? Or do you want to strive? When I came, as my business was growing by leaps and bounds, thank the good Lord that it has grown so much at such a rapid rate, I was not prepared for the growth. I have a bachelor of arts from the University of Houston. It did not prepare me to run a business of the staff I have. I have 17 employees and  he has given me the skills to be able to run my business that is not running me into the ground. Running a business with the proper skills installed within the company does not have to be life destroying. Before I came to Glenn, I didn’t have no fun. It was like feeding a hungry monster, it was getting overwhelming. Sure I was making more money, but I wasn’t seeing that much more profit. I wasn’t spending time with my family. And now, my family. My wife has a husband back. And my kids have a dad that has come home. Somebody that they can follow. Somebody that my customers can follow. And that is more important than the monetary side of things.

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