Client Testimonial – Derek Maxson

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My name is Derek Maxson and I own Maxson Chiropractic. Time. Undeniably time. It's hard to make enough of it, much less to step away from your business for an hour, for a day. That would be probably one of the biggest obstacles I would have faced. Just wanting more time, you know? And knowing that I didn't have it and trusting that Glenn had solutions to free my time up. So I could do more of what I wanted to do. The thing that surprised me was probably the fact that I thought that the problems I faced and experienced were unique to my career industry. When I got around other different business owners, I found out I wasn't alone. A lot of problems are common to everyone, and uh, that was surprising to me. Undeniably the biggest result was just profit. At the end of the day, there was just more money. So that's big for every business owner, right? You want to make more money. I know that some of the things that happened as we began the process just was focus. I think it was very helpful. There was an accountability with Glenn that helped me stay fixed on one point. And not being pulled around in a lot of different directions. Which is so easy to do and so easy to happen. So those were some of the things that really changed and took place as we went through his program. I love the fact that he breaks business down into just a few small sections. And I love the fact that you have a quarter to focus your attention on that one section before you move on. And I love the idea that you get to meet with Glenn and support the things that you learned in the quarterly sessions. All of that integrated together was just really helpful. And make sure you didn't just hear it, and that was it, it was constantly making sure your implementing it and making the changes you need to in order to help you develop and grow as a business owner. The idea of being relaxed, reducing stress. Before I started Glenn's program, it felt like a constant state of like tension. Trying to juggle all of these things all the time. And not really ever knowing which one was most important at that time, it felt like you just had a million irons in the fire. Going through his process, making things more systematic, allowed me the ability to like decompress a little bit. And not be so, so stressed. That was a huge, huge benefit for me. When I'm away from the office, I can enjoy being away from the office and not have my mind constantly on what's going on, what do I need to be doing, what should I be doing. So that was a big, big help also. I would definitely recommend this to all business owners. And the reason why is, I believe that we come into a job and owning a business having a specific talent. Having a specific product or service that we're good at. And it's wonderful. But the truth of it is, that's not a business. So much of owning a business is not just the technical aspect of delivering the product of the service. Unfortunately, I believe that most business owners, that's what they bring to the table and not having a greater appreciation for what it means to handle administration, or handle marketing, or handle human resources, and things like that, that are integral to a business being successful and profitable. And giving you as the owner the time and the freedom to not be in it a hundred hours a week killing yourself over it.

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