Client Testimonial – Jason Rorie

Check out our latest client testimonial from Jason Rorie, President & Founder of Elevated Technologies.

Here's the transcript of this video blog. I'm Jason Rorie, I'm the president of Elevated Technologies, we are an IT managed service provider and cloud solutions provider here in Houston. I think one of the biggest surprises for me and one of the most unexpected things was just the ability to sit around a table in the group sessions with other business owners and how willing they were to share what works and what doesn't work for them in a really collaborative environment. It really helped me personally, realize some things that we need to do within our business that have worked well with other business owners. So I would say that was probably the biggest benefit for us. You know, we've seen some really good results from the program. Business wise, we've grown quite a bit, in the year that I've been in the program we've grown upwards of 70% in our revenue stream. I really believe that a lot of the things that I've learned in the program have helped us achieve those results. Personally, some of the results has just been, I know we focus a lot in our group about, you know, still having personal goals and having your fun times, and that's really kind of helped me keep that in the front of my mind to make sure that you know, you do take a step back and really enjoy yourself and time with your family. I think the only barrier that could have stopped me from joining really was the time commitment. That's always been, you know, something I've had a lack of is time. But I realized that if I don't invest the time, make the time to go through the program, then I may never find a way to reclaim that time to start with. So, it was kind of a double-edged sword. You gotta find the time to learn how to make the time. So, it didn't stop me. I have made that time and it's been well worth it. What I would tell other business owners that are considering joining is to definitely do it. It's worth all the investments, for the time and the fees, the return on the investment would be massive. You'll learn more things than you thought possible. Things that were in the back of your head that you may have thought you should be doing or considering, you'll realize that you should be. And you'll have that accountability and you'll have that group that will help you kind of push through those things, and you'll definitely see the return on your investment very soon.

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