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My name's Mike Dobert, I own a company called HR in Alignment, and we provide strategic HR consulting solutions. We focus with helping clients both on a compliance side, making sure handbooks and job descriptions, who's exempt and non-exempt, navigating all those labor laws. But also the strategic side, making sure than when we look at organizational goals, an organization's goals, that really the efforts of those employees line up through compensation design, performance management. And a lot of the things that I had in my experience in the corporate world now bringing out to that small or mid-size business. You know, I met Glenn when I was leaving the corporate world and taking that jump in the water at a networking group. It was a small networking group of other business owners and that's where I met Glenn, he was one of the first people I met and a very thankful introduction, when I look back, because he's been a key to my success. Very honestly, Glenn and I have spoke about this, but financially, the rates associated with the Growth Coach are very reasonable. And the value you get, in hindsight, are tremendous, and there was a return on investment there. But at the time when you're transitioning from being in the corporate world, if you will, at least that was my situation, and going into business for yourself, and not taking out a loan, and really kind of being very thoughtful, some of the things we've talked about, such as business planning, I've had my background in the corporate world. But I also thought there were some great benefits to Glenn's program. It was just hard making that initial investment that early on as I was starting my business. But as it turned out, it was the right move. What I perceived would be the value for me, in The Growth Coach, particularly Glenn Smith as business coach, is what I realized. What it really came down to was coming out, like many business owners, with a strong skill set in a functional area, wanting to leverage that as a service or product, but it's that transition. And even though I didn't necessarily have the clarity of what that meant at the time, now when I look back, that was the absolute key to my success, was transitioning from working in that corporate world to leveraging my services in the marketplace. And understanding how to market those, how to get out and network. And a lot of those things that maybe weren't my strengths. Glenn is always available as a person, that one-on-one coaching, and as a person, not just as that business coach, and I think there's a lot more value that that brings in and of itself. But the quarterly meetings when you sat down with the other business owners, and not only be able to share your challenges, your successes, getting feedback, but the simple exercise of being in almost that roundtable environment, and listening to another business owner, and helping trouble shoot or share ideas for them or celebrate their successes, helps make you more well-rounded. So it was that interaction. What I saw as a result, it was interesting, when we set our first goals, and I was very much conservative in the sense, not failing to be optimistic, but conservative in the sense that, well here's where I'm starting income wise and client wise, and so forth, and here's where I want to get. And really finding out with focusing on the core elements that Glenn shared with you, to build a successful business, and to work on your business, not just in your business, I was able to exceed those milestones. And to somebody else, maybe not significant milestones, but to me very significant. And overreaching my goals, both as a business owner, but also on that personal level. Because what Glenn does is he helps you bring focus on your overall health. And how you're balanced with your business, how are you enjoying your life, and those other areas, kind of that wheel of life, and so I think Glenn's focus overall brings those things together. And brings great satisfaction to his programs. When I look back, and you're starting your business, and ever dollar counts, as does now, but it was the most worthwhile investment, and I think that there's absolutely no hesitation in my mind that I did the absolute right thing, and combined with hard work as with any business owner, having the right mentor and the right advisor really makes a difference. And I think the number one thing is to always remain humble and know that you don't know everything. And you can always gain some knowledge from somebody else, and Glenn Smith is the guy to do it from.

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