Coaching: What is it?

Coaching concept in tag cloudI have had several coaching trainers and mentors through the years. One of my acquaintances and trainers has been Jane Creswell, the first internal coach at IBM and the founder of the IBM Coaches Network. Jane, along with others, has helped me to understand what coaching is and what coaching is not.

What Coaching is Not

Coaching is not counseling, consulting, or mentoring! This confuses many people because all of these practices share common skills. In observation, they are sometimes hard to separate, yet they are very different. I find Jane’s distinctions helpful. She says:
In consulting and mentoring, the expertise lies in the consultant or the mentor and is transferred to the person. In coaching, on the other hand, the expertise lies within you, the person being coached. The coach’s role is to help you discover how to use more of your own potential and how to determine a strategy for which expertise is needed that doesn’t already exist. Counseling is about resolving how the past informs the present, while coaching is only about the present and moving forward.

What Does a Coach Do?

In coaching we help business owner clients get “unstuck,” get focused, and make progress. We empower business owners to accomplish their goals by helping them:
  • Discover and develop the potential within themselves
  • Identify and leverage their strengths
  • Look at themselves, their relationships, and their business with new eyes of possibility
  • Develop skills to maximize the potential of their employees and those around them
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