Consistent Marketing is the Key to Business Effectiveness

Monday is for Marketing

The story I hear from business owners week after week is all too common, “I can’t find the balance between time spent marketing and time spent doing the work.” The cycle looks like this:
  • Business is slow, so we get busy marketing
  • When we get busy marketing, we get new business
  • When we get new business, we’re too busy to market, so we don’t
  • After we stop marketing, business slows down
  • When business slows down, we get busy marketing
  • And on and on we go!
Business owners, it doesn’t have to be this way!  This is a frustrating, anxiety-producing way to run a business.  To break this cycle we have to find a way to achieve marketing consistency.  The way to do this is through planning. I recommend that business owners do marketing planning once a year for the entire year, then revisit it once a quarter.

The Annual Marketing Plan

Once a year you should sit down and evaluate what marketing activities have generated good leads for you and what activities have not.  This will enable you to focus on those few things that get you results. You should also brainstorm on possible new activities that you will want to try in the coming year.  Consider engaging a business coach or a peer group to help you brainstorm and plan.  However, whatever you do, track and measure everything!  Set a goal for each marketing activity and then every month or every quarter evaluate the effectiveness of each activity. Once you determine what activities you plan to use during the coming year and determine your budget for those activities, put them on a calendar.  I typically have 12 months at a glance and then list in each month what I plan to do; and I set a lead generation goal for each month’s total activity.

The Quarterly Marketing Plan

If there are obvious glitches or problems with your marketing plans change them immediately.  However, it is generally best to give each activity some time frame for tweaking and to produce results.  Three months is usually enough. Every quarter revisit and revise your marketing calendar.  Make sure the activities you are spending time and money on are producing the results you want.  If they are not, make changes.  But the goal is to have consistent, effective marketing activity every month so you have a manageable, steady stream of new business coming your way all year long. Create your annual marketing calendar and consider taking a strategic retreat every quarter to review and update, not only your marketing plans but all your business goals.  Consistency is the key to your success!


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