Creating a Customer Experience

create customer experience Providing a “wow!” experience for customers is something I encourage to the business owners whom I coach throughout Katy, Sugar Land, and Houston. As a business owner, you must think about how to set yourself apart from your competitors and get your customers’ attention I’ve seen and heard some great ideas for creating a good customer experience, but you’ve got to see these two videos. Now, these people know how to create a customer experience!

Two Examples of a Great Customer Experience

The first video is of a flash mob by the Opera Company of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. Opera singers performed “Flash Brindisi” at Reading Terminal in the Italian Market on April 24, 2010. The video shows a crowded market in which people are milling around, eating, drinking, and taking photographs. Soon, you hear music blaring through the speakers, and a man suddenly begins singing. Another man joins him, and then a woman adds her voice to the mix. Over the course of the song, many other opera singers add to the chorus. The crowd laughs, smiles, and stares, and by the end of the performance, they are clapping and cheering. The performance and reactions are documented in this video along with the website of the opera company. Talk about gaining attention and creating a memorable experience! The second video is of another flash mob. This time, the group performs in Central Station in Antwerp, Belgium to “The Sound of Music.” At first, business people, families, and individuals are walking, talking, sitting, buying tickets – oblivious to what is about to happen. When the song begins playing on the speakers, dancers step from the crowd to join a well-choreographed performance in the middle of the station.

Get Creative!

Some spectators put kids on shoulders, some begin dancing themselves, some watch in awe – but all are glued to the performance. At the end of the video, the company posts its information. Like the opera company, this company created a customer experience that was unique, memorable, and easily shared with the masses!


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