Customer Service or Customer Helping?

customer serviceAuthor and speaker Jeffrey Gitomer asks a very powerful question: “Isn’t it really ‘customer helping’ rather than customer service? And wouldn’t you deliver better service if you thought of it that way?” I think that's the right question for every business owner and leader to be asking.  A business leader is responsible for establishing the VISION and the FOCUS of the organization.  SATISFYING YOUR CUSTOMERS/CLIENTS is a critical focus area.

Your company’s primary focus should be squarely on exceeding the expectations of your customers/clients.

Begin to establish a culture whereby your team falls in love with your customers and their needs/wants and not your own company’s products or services.  You are in business to attract, delight and retain customers in a profitable manner – period.  The real value of your business is tied directly to the future, predictable cash flow from your highly satisfied and loyal customers.  Without customers, you do not have a business. Again, your focus should be on your customers and solving their problems, needs, and wants.  It should not be about your company or your services and products.  Teach your employees to value your customers, serve them well, and sniff out any customer problems or complaints.  Keep your customers delighted and coming back for more!  As leader, have the courage to create an environment in which the customer is your enterprise’s primary focus. As CEO, set the tone by visiting regularly the top 20% of your customers and keeping them satisfied.  Find out what is on their minds.  Aside from creating clarity of direction for your business, there is no better use of your time and talents as the owner. Let us know what you think! How are you doing keeping yourself and your employees focused on satisfying your customers/clients?  Never lose sight of the fact that your primary responsibility as a Strategic Business Owner is LEADING! Be a leader in customer service!

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