Discover Your Strengths

Teamwork and integration concept"The effective executive builds on strengths - their own strengths, the strengths of superiors, colleagues, subordinates; and on the strengths of the situation." – Peter Drucker As an executive coach my mission is to empower business owners and managers to achieve exceptional performance in their businesses, and to live extraordinary lives. In order to do this, one essential thing I must do is to help them discover their strengths. But it's not enough for business owners to simply know what their strengths are. I must also help them learn to spend 80% or more of their time operating in the areas of their strengths and talent. That is where maximum impact will come.

Strengths vs. Weaknesses

Conventional wisdom tells us that we learn from our mistakes. However, in reality, all we learn from our mistakes is the characteristics of mistakes! Instead, we should focus on learning from our successes. Those are the opportunities in which we begin to discover our strengths! Peter Drucker wrote about this issue of business owners and their strengths. He said that the most competitive companies and leaders "get their strengths together and make their weaknesses irrelevant." As business owners and managers, that's what we must do! As Jim Collins said in his book Good to Great, we must get the right people on the bus and the wrong people off the bus. Once we get the right people on the bus, we need to make sure they are in the right seat. It is only then that we can use their strengths to maximum capacity. Tweet This

Our Greatest Asset

I often hear statements like, "Our people are our greatest asset." But the truth is that our people's strengths are our greatest asset. If we can focus on helping our people (and ourselves) develop and utilize their strengths, they will not only enjoy their work more, but they will also be better performers. Be sure you know what your strengths are and how to fully leverage them! Then, be sure you know and fully leverage your people's strengths, too!

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