Do I Have a Job or a Business?

business owner, strategic businessWhen you start a business, it is fairly normal to have to do a little bit of everything. As a new business owner, you turn on the lights, take out the garbage, and put paper in the copier. You get keys made, run errands, call the repair man, answer the phone, fill orders, and turn off the lights. Usually you're the only one to do these things. However, while it is normal and usually necessary to begin this way, it is extremely unwise to continue this way. In fact, if you continue in that mode, you eventually hurt your own productivity, you hurt your relationships, and you hinder your business from growing. What if you get sick? What if you want to take a day off? What if your family wants to spend a few days with your undivided attention and affection? What if you want to take a vacation? What if you want to read a book, go to the lake, or work in the garden? What if you want to do something other than go to work? If the success of your business depends solely on you, you don't own a business — you just have a job. And as many have said, it's the worst job in the world because you're working for a lunatic! The purpose of going into business is to get free of a job so you can create jobs for other people. In our coaching process, we help you learn to work more "ON" your business and less "IN" your business. My definition of a successful business is this: "A successful business is a profitable enterprise that consistently delivers on its promise and that runs without you." Let me encourage you to create more than a job. Create a business that you can be proud of, that makes money without your constant effort, and that one day you can sell for a fortune. Let The Growth Coach help you!

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