Do You Feel Like a Prisoner to Your Business?

prisoner business “Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.”  -Arthur Schopenhauer Allow me to ask you some revealing questions. As a business owner, can you walk away from your business today for one or two months and come back to find it operating smoothly and profitably? Can you even escape for two weeks? Have you ever had a work-free vacation? If your answers are “no,” you don’t have a successful business. You have a glorified job in which you are trapped! You don’t have an effective business system; you are the business system! In a large sense, you are a prisoner of your own success.

Facing Reality

Please don't get offended by this very direct and frank statement. Know that I admire, respect, and serve business owners and their managers every single day. However, I get paid to help my clients “face reality” and then hold them accountable for the changes and goals they desire. No matter what industry you are in, you should not be a prisoner to your business! If you are, you have it backwards. Your business should serve you and your dreams. It should give you greater freedom, not less.

A Turn Key Business

A properly designed business should function practically without you, not because of you. This is what we call a "turn key" business. It should run predictably and automatically whether you are in the office or not, in the store or not, out in the field or not, and on vacation or not. Your business should not depend upon your presence, personality, problem solving, and perspiration for its daily survival. If so, your business does not work, you do! Bottom line: Your business should not run you, your family, or your life. It should work for you. Your business should work harder so you don’t have to. It should be systems-dependent and not owner-dependent or expert-dependent for its success. If you are ready to achieve greater freedom, fulfillment, and financial returns from your business, feel free to contact us and set up a no-obligation strategy session to get you on the road to having your business work for you!

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