Do You Have the Right Mindset to Sell Your Business?

sell your businessAre you a business owner who is trapped in an unsellable business? Most of the owners I talk to would like to have the ability to sell their businesses one day. However, few actually take intentional steps to prepare their business to sell. In his book, Built to Sell, John Warrillow states:
"There are approximately 23 million businesses in the United States and only a few hundred thousand are able to sell their company each year. That means for every small business owner who creates a business that someone will buy, there are about 100 businesses that do not sell."

What Makes a Business Sellable?

Why are 99 out of 100 businesses unable to be sold? The answer is simple: The owners of the other businesses did not take the time to intentionally prepare their businesses to sell. I see this almost every day. The truth is that the best businesses are sellable! Now, you may not want to sell your business today or anytime soon – or maybe even ever! But smart business owners will build a company to be sold even if they have no intention of cashing out. This is the mindset of a strategic business owner.

Two Benefits to Creating a Sellable Business

What’s in it for you to build a sellable company if you have no intention of selling? If you adopt this mindset and prepare so as to sell, you gain two benefits. First, you will build a better, more profitable, more valuable, more enjoyable enterprise. Second, you will transform your business into a sellable asset so that you at least have the freedom to sell in the future. Once you have the mindset of a strategic business owner, begin to prepare your business to sell by checking out this download, "7 Steps to Prepare Your Business To Sell." Then let us know when your business becomes the one sellable business of 100!

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