Doing the Right Things vs. Doing Things Right

long term successAs a business owner, are you spending your time wisely? Are you thinking and functioning in a strategic role or just a tactical role? The business owner must take time weekly, monthly, and quarterly to think about the bigger picture. You must separate yourself from the business – distance yourself – and take some time to work “on” the business. Look at the overall business system. Ask yourself, “Why do we do what we do the way we do it? What’s really working well and what’s not?” Get beyond looking at the individual systems and processes in your business and try to see your business as one big system. Being able to see the big system versus the individual systems and processes is the difference between being “strategic” and “tactical.” This is critical for making good decisions.

Immediate Solutions vs. Long Term Impact

For example, when faced with a problem, most business owners look for immediate solutions. Typically, they look to actions that produce improvements in a relatively short amount of time. However, this can prove to be very costly down the road. Recently, I’ve observed some business owners cutting back on marketing activities in order to cut costs. At first, the impact on new business may be minimal, but the longer term impact can be severe. This solves an immediate problem but can create much more serious problems later. We must make sure that we are not just “doing things right,” but that we are also “doing the right things.” Making tactical decisions without having a strategic, big-picture perspective can be devastating. Take advantage of two great resources to improve your strategy. Tweet This

Two Resources

First, get a business coach. We help business owners become much more strategic and focused. Read and hear how we've helped local business owners achieve exceptional performance. Let us share with you how our quarterly strategic retreats can transform your business and your life. Another great resource to help you think "systemically" is The Fifth Discipline by Peter Senge. Whether you rely on a good business coach or a book, your task is to become a strategic business owner!

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