Don’t Let Unfinished Business Drag You Down!

Every quarter we like to lead our business owner clients through a day-long Strategic Retreat. One of the topics we consider each quarter is “Unfinished Business.” This is a term we use to describe all the “messes” in your life that you haven’t dealt with.

unfinished business, strategic retreatsWe Drag An Anchor

Unfinished business can include organizational, financial, relational, legal, health, or any personal or business messes that we allow to build up in our lives. When we allow this to happen we can feel overwhelmed and even paralyzed. The truth is that new “messes” come into our lives almost every day. The temptation is to ignore them or avoid them. After a while they accumulate to the point that we can feel like we’re dragging a boat anchor around with us everywhere we go.


In order to cope with this mental and emotional burden we often begin to deny that they exist. In other words we simply pretend that it’s not really happening. We chose to NOT face the reality that an important relationship is suffering, or the debt-load is killing us, or the new business is just not coming in like it needs to. Rather than change bad habits (or create better habits) to correct the problem, we just hope they will disappear by ignoring them. However, it almost never gets better – it gets worse and drains us of more and more mental and emotional energy.


When we step back and look at what we’re doing it’s totally irrational, but we do it any way. Why? Typically it is fear. We fear it could be worse than we ever imagined. And it could be, especially if we are prone toward denial. This fear breeds doubt, and doubt leads to a loss of confidence and energy. It’s a vicious cycle. At least once a quarter every one of us needs to take a retreat to step back, reflect, face reality, and make plans to clean up these messes in our lives. By having an accountability group we are more motivated to take action to stop accumulating unfinished business. What do you need to look at today? What have you been avoiding or putting off? What unfinished business is there in your life or business today? Let me encourage you to address it quickly. Clean it up. And you will discover a renewed energy and confidence. It will improve your attitude and outlook, and you will see new possibilities. If interested, contact us to learn more about personal coaching and our Strategic Business Owner Quarterly Retreats.

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