Favorites – Quick Reads to Help Business Owners – July 15, 2012

Each week I like to offer my clients and friends a few of my favorite articles from other business leaders. These are quick reads to encourage the busy business owner. Here are my favorites from this week: In order to achieve financial freedom, it is absolutely essential that you change your thinking in several specific ways. Here is a great read from Brian Tracy, Change Your Thinking! 5 Mentality Shifts Wealthy People Live By to Achieve Financial Freedom. The remarkable is often times unreasonable. Great illustration from Apple and Steve Jobs from Seth Godin, The False Choice of Mediocrity. I am always encouraging business owners to get their businesses in a place where they can take a REAL vacation. Letting go of the reigns for a week or two in a small business is typically not easy. Here are some things you can do to better prepare from Fox Business News, 4 To-Dos Before Your Summer Vacation. As a Houston area business coach I enjoy sharing good resources to help you and your business grow. For more resources check out our FREE Downloads and our Upcoming Events.


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