Fulfill Your Promise

promise, customer, fulfill, experienceAt the heart of the World Class Company is its ability to satisfy the unconscious and perceived needs of its customer better than any other company can, not just by doing what any business is supposed to do, but by doing what it is not even reasonable to expect you to do. And to do that time after time. – Michael Gerber Every business makes a promise to its customers. Every business markets a promise and sells a promise. But once the sale is made, it is the responsibility of the business to fulfill its promise to the customer! And of course, this fulfillment is what the customer cares about most! I encourage every business owner to get crystal clear on the promise you are making. That is what differentiates your business from all the other companies that do what you do. The worst thing you can do is to become a “me too!” business. That promise simply says, “I’ll do whatever my competitor will do.” That is NOT a compelling promise!

Keeping Your Promises

To differentiate yourself from your competitors, your promise must be characterized by several key things. It must be both interesting and compelling. But it must be a promise that you can keep. Customer fulfillment means doing what you said you would do for your customer CONSISTENTLY, PREDICTABLY, REPEATEDLY, and with EXCELLENCE “But what if we make a mistake?” you may ask. To make a mistake is human. Most people are understanding and forgiving, as long as the mistake is corrected immediately and isn’t repeated again and again! To fulfill your promise every time with little or no mistakes, you need a system that ensures consistent, predictable, repeated, excellent fulfillment of promises. This system is called your customer fulfillment system.

Exceeding Expectations

But don’t stop there. Whenever possible, you should do more than you promised. People are delighted when their expectations are exceeded. They become your promoters. The goal should be to turn every customer into a “raving fan.” Notice your customers’ reactions, watch their body language, listen to their voice. Every business should be driven by the hope and anticipation of this experience!  I am amazed at how many businesses are unaware of their impact on their customers. At a minimum, keep your promise. When possible, exceed your promise. Pay attention to your customers and be sure you know their opinion of you!   

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