Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

comfort zone, personal growth, business, growCan you guess the single biggest obstacle to a successful business? Did you guess time, money, or resources? Yes, those can be challenges to a business owner, but the biggest barrier to your business may surprise you. The biggest barrier to growth and success is YOU! To grow your business, you must grow personally.

Our Comfort Zone

As business owners, we find our "comfort zone" and then we tend to stay there. Our comfort zone is a place that feels safe, familiar, and predictable. Moving out of that comfort zone may cause a flood of emotions that most do not want to experience, such as:
  • Fear
  • Doubt
  • Lack of Control
  • Uncertainty
  • Inferiority 
We must realize that these feelings are not the problems. As a matter of fact, we can embrace them when we know to expect them as simply a natural part of the process to personal growth. The willingness to face discomfort in our personal growth means we are willing to face obstacles in our business. Improving ourselves leads to improving our businesses.

Stunting the Growth

However, we are often tempted to pull back when we begin to experience these types of feelings. If we allow these feelings to dictate our actions, we move to a smaller place. When our personal growth is stunted, then our business also does not grow. Their successes go hand in hand. Let me encourage you to step out of your comfort zone! How do you want your business to grow? What steps are you afraid to take? What's the biggest barrier or obstacle to your vision? Step out! Leverage your coach. Make yourself accountable for the changes that you desire in your personal and professional life!

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