Getting Rid of Clutter and Messes

clutter, overwhelmed, messes, productivity“There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.” – Peter Drucker

The definition of clutter is stuff that fills up a business owner’s day but that is not really productive to his business. The definition of messes is certain things that a business owner keeps putting off that need his attention. Let me encourage you as a business owner to regularly – at least once a quarter – take a day to identify and eliminate your clutter and messes. Clutter is all of the low-value, low-priority stuff that fill your mind, your desk, your thoughts, and your life. Allowing clutter to remain over time results in a tendency to become consumed by this non-essential stuff, or clutter. You can become overwhelmed and distracted by details and low-value activities. When you waste your time and talents on the wrong type of work, you can get so busy being busy that you lose sight of what is most important to you in your work and in your personal life. As a result, your life can become complex, cloudy, confusing, and stressful. When you lose focus, you can miss opportunities, adopt bad habits, get in ruts, and then make excuses. Clutter invites lack of clarity, which reduces your effectiveness, productivity, and joy. Do you feel overwhelmed, distracted, and discouraged? I want to encourage you to stop right now and do this exercise: Identify at least three types of clutter or messes in your life. Make a commitment to yourself in the next 30 days to complete, eliminate, or delegate the responsibility to someone else to rid yourself of these distractions and drains on your energy. After 30 days, reevaluate your situation: Do you have more clarity? Are you more effective, productive, and joyful? Taking the time to get rid of your clutter and messes will positively affect your business and personal life.

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