How Many Ways Can I Say “Thank You?”

#1 Marketing Strategy"Nothing is more honorable than a grateful heart." - Seneca Your customers and clients are the most important asset in your business! They are the reason you have a business. In fact, the purpose of a business is to attract and retain customers. Without them, you have nothing! That's why your first marketing priority needs to be to take care of your customers! One important way we do this is finding multiple avenues to say "Thank you!" When was the last time you sincerely reached out to your best customers/clients and simply asked "How are you doing?" Then used that opportunity not to solicit more business but to say "Thank you?" Yes, genuine expressions of gratitude IS a marketing strategy - but again, they have to be genuine! Who are the new customers that you have acquired in the past 30-90 days? Have you told them thank you? Who are your top 10 best customers/clients right now? When last did you tell them thank you? Gratitude has a powerful impact on both the receiver and the giver. So do yourself and your customers a favor, say "Thank you." And then find as many different ways as possible to say it again, and again, and again.

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2 Responses to “How Many Ways Can I Say “Thank You?””

  1. Tom Ferguson says:

    Great topic choice, Glenn! … and the power is far beyond “polite” because when we saw those words to someone, there is an immediate desire for the recipient to reciprocate with equal care.

    • Glenn says:

      Thanks Tom! You are correct. “Thank you” has a powerful impact on others when expressed sincerely, and you do this well!