How To Create the Life You Want

dream, inspire, imaginationWalt Disney used to say that you can create whatever you can imagine! Is your imagination alive? I want you to have the courage to dream and engage your imagination. Think about this: The company you have is the company you can imagine! The marriage you have is the marriage you can imagine! The money you have is the money you can imagine! The life you have is the life you can imagine!

What's Your Dream?

The first step to creating the life you want is to identify what enables you to dream. Is it solitude? Is it prayer? Is it the beach? Is it the woods? Is it music? Is it art? It is different for everyone. Find out what enables you to dream and then embrace it more in order to dream more. The second step to creating the life you want is to take the time to just reflect and dream. Reflect on what you are creating today. What kind of company are you creating? What kind of life are you creating? I believe that every one of us is endowed by God to create. I challenge you to take time today to dream. Dream about the life you want, the relationships you want, and the company you want!

Inspire Others

The third step to creating the life you want is to share your inspiration. Every business owner is looking for a way to motivate his or her team, but motivation is a myth. It is impossible to motivate someone. However, you can inspire someone. When you inspire someone, you draw out the motivation that resides deeply in his or her soul. When you are able to inspire yourself first, you're able to inspire others.

Realize Your Potential

The maximum potential of you, your business, and your life begins with this question: Is your imagination alive? Do you identify ways and take the time to engage your soul? I encourage you to make time every week to awaken the artist, the creator, and the entrepreneur in you!

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