How to Lead With Your Strengths

Get organized - business stress notes, white backgroundI recently wrote about discovering your strengths and how to leverage them. In this post, I want to take it to the next level. How do you lead with your strengths? When I lead a group of business owners through their fourth quarter of our Strategic Business Owners Process, our focus is on Leadership.

We Must Lead Ourselves

One of the challenges we face is "Leading Ourselves." Too many times, we find ourselves reacting to our environment instead of leading both ourselves and others. And one of the ways we lead is by staying focused on our strengths. Ask yourself, "How can I play to my strengths more today? How can I help my team play more to their strengths?" On high performance teams, people say they call upon their strengths more than 75% of the time (Marcus Buckingham, Go Put Your Strengths to Work). Tweet This

Trivial Many and Vital Few

Do not let the distractions and clutter of the day consume your focus and energy. Do not spend the bulk of your time on low-value activities that pull you away from the most important things, or what we call the “Trivial Many.” Instead, keep your focus on maximizing your strengths, particularly in those areas that get you the greatest return on your time investment, or the “Vital Few.” How? Sort through your daily activities and pinpoint precisely which ones invigorate you and which ones deplete you. With which ones do you do well with relatively little effort? Which ones can ONLY YOU do? Be honest now! If someone else can do that specific activity 80% as well as you can, DELEGATE IT! Do only those high level, high leverage tasks that you as the owner or manager can do. Know your strengths and apply them to the “Vital Few.” Strategic Business Owners major in leadership, not doership. Become a Strategic Business Owner or Manager. Lead more by leveraging your strengths, and then by leveraging the strengths of your team. Contact us today to begin the process of becoming a Strategic Business Owner!

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