Improve Your Business – Coaching Question of the Week

This coaching question of the week is for business owners, executives, and organizational leaders.  This 2-part question will help you improve your business or organization. Here's the transcript of today's video blog: Hi, I’m Glenn Smith, an owner of The Growth Coach in Houston, TX. I received so much great feedback from our last video blog that I decided to start a weekly video coaching question of the week.  Now coaching questions are questions that we don’t typically ask ourselves unless we’re proded or encouraged to by a mentor or coach.  Our question this week actually has 2 parts.  First, what’s working great in your business or organization? Think about the 7 big areas:  leadership, management, sales, marketing, customer fulfillment, staff/team, financial performance…   Be encouraged… Now the second part of our question today is this “What’s broken?  What’s NOT working as well as it should?” I suspect that as I covered those 7 areas one issue or area popped into your mind as being the one needing some attention.  Maybe several things came to your mind, but let me encourage you to only focus on one thing at a time to improve! So, what’s working great?  Be encouraged by those things today. And then, what needs improvement most, right now?  Focus on one thing over the next week, and take some action to improve it every day. Let these coaching questions guide you today as you grow your business and your organization.  Thank you for watching.

Thank you for allowing me to be your virtual business coach today.

I spend most of my personal coaching time working with executives, business owners, managers, and sales teams in Sugar Land and the Houston area of Southeast Texas.  Please download these other FREE resources to help you grow and improve your business or organization:

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